The Workers Compensation Process in California

At The Law Offices of Jafari and Jafari, we are often dismayed by the lack of information our clients have pertaining to their rights and the basic steps that are necessary in beginning the Workers Compensation Process. As a result, the attorneys at Jafari and Jafari Law do everything in their power to educate our clients, as well as, individuals and groups throughout the Southern California community on the best ways to protect themselves. Whether you are coming to our office for a FREE consultation or attending one of our many FREE seminars, Jafari and Jafari Law truly cares about educating the public on their legal rights.

Below, Jafari and Jafari Law has set out several steps for employees should follow in the event that they are injured on the job.


This is perhaps the most important element to making a workers compensation claim. Mainly because if you have not reported an injury to your employer, it is difficult to argue that they had knowledge of your injuries and should have provided you with proper medical care and other workers compensation benefits.

Additionally, we often here that people initially thought that their injury was minor and they did not want to make an issue out of it. While this is commendable, failing to report your injury can harm you in the event that your symptoms/injuries become worse.


While we would love to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, the fact of the matter is that your complaints should be documented in writing. This will insulate you from the potential pit falls of dealing with a supervisor that has a bad memory or is…less than truthful. Send an email or obtain some sort of documentation from a supervisor or your companies Human Resources Department verifying receipt of your claim. As a result, we always tell employees that are injured to request a claim form and ask for a copy of that claim form to be provided by the powers that be.

If your employer does not provide you with a claim form, they are accessible through the Workers Compensation Appeals Board website. If you do not have access to the Internet, you are welcome to contact The Law Office of Jafari and Jafari and you will be assisted with the use of these forms.


Ascertain whether or not anyone witnessed your injury. As with most legal issues, witnesses can be a key element to your claim. The more people you have corroborating your claim, the better off you will be.


At the time of reporting an injury to your employer, one should inform their employer that they would like to be evaluated by a physician. It is very important for injured workers to seek medical care as soon as possible and for a proper evaluation of your injuries to be made. This will assist you in getting treatment in all relevant medical specialties and will ensure that you are obtaining proper medical care for your injuries.


It is important that you have a legal advocate that is experienced in navigating the Workers Compensation Courts and overall system. This includes an attorney that understands what you are going through, how to get you back to your pre work injury health, and ultimately how to fight for proper compensation. At Jafari and Jafari Law, our workers compensation claims are all taken on a contingency basis. Meaning, we do not get paid, unless you get paid.


Let us ensure that you are properly compensated. Contact The Law Office of Jafari and Jafari for all of your Workers Compensation related needs.


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