OWN A HOUSE? You need a Trust

If you own ANY KIND OF PROPERTY, you should have a will and trust in place. Many people think it isn’t necessary until later in life, but that is a false pretense. You should be protecting yourself and your family because you never know what is going to happen.

OWN A HOUSE? You need a Trust

A Will and Trust is especially important for these reasons:

1. Avoid the Probate System. Anyone that has been involved in a matter that makes it to the probate court, understands that it is a process that you should do everything in your power to avoid. With a properly established will, trust and power of attorney, there is no necessity to go through the courts.

2. Pass your wealth in the manner that you choose, not the manner that the Courts choose for you.  With a concisely written and poignant will and trust, power remains in your hands while you are alive and you make the decisions on what happens once you have passed.

3. Save your heirs from the headache and costs of going through the California probate system.  While Distinct Law Group is aware that some of us do not want to pay the fee of creating a will and trust, this fee pales in comparison to the fees that will be incurred if you do not take action in establishing your will and trust.

4. Ensure that everyone you want to take care of, is actually being taken care of. This includes family, friends, pets, charities, businesses, employees, etc. The state of California has a finite way in which they will distribute your assets upon you passing. However, with a Will and Trust, you retain control of who gets what and when they get it.

5. Keep your Finances Private. By properly creating a will and trust, your wealth and assets are not made a matter of public record and remain a private matter.

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There are many more details involved in preparing a Will and Trust and this article is meant to only be a quick explanation as to the advantages of having a Will and Trust and is in no way to be construed as legal advice as every individual’s situation is different.

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