California Workers’ Compensation Claims

In the State of California, ALL employers are mandated to carry workers compensation insurance. This is a requirement for employers, regardless of the number of people being employed. As is evident, this fact shows that the California State Legislature has placed a tremendous emphasis on protecting the rights of employees throughout the state. In fact, employers that do not carry Workers Compensation Insurance leave themselves and their companies susceptible to both civil and criminal claims.


If you are injured while on the job, it is well within your RIGHTS to make a claim, receive proper and necessary medical treatment and obtain compensation for your injuries. While many people may fear making a claim against their employer, it is important to recognize that while your employer is a named defendant in a Workers’ Compensation Claim, the entity typically paying out your claim and providing you with medical care is the employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier.

Now, you may be asking yourself what types of benefits are you entitled to…?

In California, an individual with a valid Workers’ Compensation Claim is typically entitled to the following:

  • Medical Care
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Supplemental Job Displacement
  • Temporary Disability benefits
  • Permanent Disability Benefits
  • Death benefits

Of course, the type of benefits you are entitled to and the amount of compensation you receive is subject to your individual claim and the circumstances surrounding your claim of injury.

At Distinct Law Group, we are constantly listening to our client’s complaints regarding the difficulties found in navigating the courts and understanding the California Workers Compensation system. With that in mind, our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys provide our clients with the necessary guidance and assistance to not only alleviate the strain of working through the system, but obtaining the medical care and compensation that you deserve.

At Distinct Law Group, we have creating a network that is as strong as it is far reaching. Our relationships with physicians in all fields and specialties allow us to send our firms to the best doctors in their network and geographical region. Do not waste your precious time looking for doctors, arguing with insurance adjusters and/or appearing at court hearings, let Distinct Law Group do these things for you.

Workers compensation claims are often extremely complex and time consuming, let the Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at Distinct Law Group use their experience and knowledge to guide you through the workers compensation process with ease and peace of mind. If you have been injured on the job or have been exposed to workplace conditions that have led to an injury, contact the attorneys at Distinct Law Group today for a free consultation. Time is of the essence!!


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