5 Reasons You Should Get a Prenuptial Agreement

A Prenuptial Agreement is much more common these days as they are a very useful tool to protect individuals. It is basically a contract and it will serve as a way to outline what the outcomes could be if this partnership does not work out. It takes the control out of someone else’s hands, and puts it in yours.

5 Reasons You Should Get a Prenuptial Agreement

A Prenuptial Agreement is especially important for these FIVE reasons:

1. Divorce is expensive. Preparing a prenup can eliminate many of the      issues that would be litigated and fought over if you were to go to court and would save you thousands of dollars in the process.

2. Protecting your separate assets. A prenup can ensure property purchased prior to your marriage, and/or businesses established prior to marriage, remains your separate property.

3. Keeping peace if you are remarrying. With a prenup in place, you can ensure that the inheritance of your children and grandchildren from your previous marriage is protected.

4. Expectations are discussed in advance. This agreement will allow you and your spouse to discuss all aspects of your financial life and have a clear understanding of each other’s expectations during the marriage.

5. Protection against Debt. In this day and age, almost all individuals have some kind of student debt. A prenup can ensure that each individual’s debt remains their own separate debt and would protect the other spouse from creditors.

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There are many more details and restrictions that are required for the preparation of a valid prenuptial agreement in California and this article is meant to only be a quick explanation as to the advantages of a prenuptial agreement and is in no way to be construed as legal advice as every individual’s situation is different.

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